A good video should be paired up with a great voice over! Many videos or advertisement does not have the impact that we want because there is not engagement. How do we do that? GET A VOICE!

Meet Joshua Lim - Your Preferred Voice Over Artist from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The voice of Joshua Lim, professional voice over talent and deep male voiceover, has been borrowed/used as a voice over for companies, voiceover narration, corporate voiceover, documentary voiceover, online or virtual voiceover, advertisement voiceover, tutorial voiceover, and many more.

Joshua Lim is an experienced voice actor who’s very passionate about acting and performing arts. He also loves to travel and experience new cultures.

For some projects, he can provide you with his best quality voice work within 24 hours after receiving your project requirements. His services are available worldwide.

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voice over artist joshua working on a corporate voice over job in the studio

Why choose Joshua Lim as your voice over talent

Joshua Lim provides top-notch voice overs not only in Malaysia but he’s been working with clients around the globe. His clients include small businesses, large corporations, entrepreneurs, startups, non-profits, government agencies, educational institutions, individuals and even celebrities.

If you’re looking for a reliable voice over artist, then look no further than Joshua Lim. Contact him today for all your voice needs.

Frequently asked questions voice over talents hear

We send you the highest quality MP3 file. If you prefer another format like WAV or OGG, please let us know so we can make it happen.

Yes, our hourly rate starts at RM50. However, this depends on how long the job takes. For example, if the job only requires a 1-minute recording, then we would ask for just one dollar.

Sure, but we recommend having someone else read out what you say rather than doing it yourself. This way, you’ll avoid mistakes and ensure better results.

Absolutely yes! You can check some of Joshua’s voice over samples here or just drop us a note and we’ll arrange something for you.

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